Travel Junkie Julia � Top 5 Free Travel Apps for the iPad

May 12, 2010

Travel Junkie Julia � Top 5 Free Travel Apps for the iPad.

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Google Adds Hotel Listings and Room Rates Right Into Google Maps || Jaunted

March 24, 2010

Google Adds Hotel Listings and Room Rates Right Into Google Maps || Jaunted

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Jet Set Like a Rock Star in Mykonos

March 13, 2009
Cavo Paradiso - Mykonos

Cavo Paradiso - Mykonos

Welcome to the European summer home of rock star living – Mykonos. This place has it all. Whether you want to party or chill (or do both) it’s all here. Here’s our short list to Jet Set Like A Rock Star in Mykonos.

Where to Stay

Here’s our top 2 picks (in priority order).

1. The Belvedere – The ultimate in chic luxury. Always a scene. This hotel is amazing in so many ways. The staff anticipates your needs and always makes you feel like you’re at home and not in some stuffy hotel. The scene is simple, chic, and sexy. The location couldn’t be better. It’s at the edge of the port town and within 20 minutes of every beach on the island. The pool is a who’s who of international tanned hard bodies.

2. Bill and Coo – The sexiest infinity pool in town. Really. This is an all suite hotel. All rooms have fantastic balconies with views of the sea. Higher class suites have private plunge pools with a small deck to chill and enjoy the sun. This is a very quiet and very relaxed environment.

Where to Eat

Here’s our top 5 picks (in order of priority).

1. KiKi’s – No electricity. No sign. No credit cards. No reservations. Just 10 tables. Totally AMAZING food (did I say amazing). This fantastic spot is on a bluff overlooking the ocean on Aghios Sostis Beach. DO NOT miss this place. It is a MUST. Get the grilled octupus, eggplant and the fresh catch of the day.

2. Nammos – See and be seen lunch/dinner spot on Jet Set Psarou Beach. Think town and country meets the Greek Isles. Open air dining overlooking the beach. Get the to-die-for-caprese salad and fresh fish. A perfect day at Nammos would be to get a beach chair right in front of the restaurant (if you can), have a late lunch (around 4 p.m.) and watch the action.

3. Gola – This Italian restaurant is the triple threat of food, wine and view. It has it all. Upscale without being stuffy. Situated high enough to see Mykonos town all light up at night. Eat dinner outside, around its beautiful pool and under the stars. An experience you will never forget.

4. Belvedere Club – I hate to put a hotel restaurant on this list, but this one is too good to leave out. It’s a lunch spot pool side at the super chic Belvedere Hotel. Simple, stylish with great food and amazing vibe. Get the fresh bread with olive oil and black salt (from Cyprus) to start. Then move on to Greek salad (hands down the best on the island) and skewers of chicken, beef or veggies. After lunch browse the Mykonos outpost of Scoop (the hip New York/South Beach clothing store).International Cuisine. Very cool design with an equally sexy crowd. Go for dinner and stay for the drinks when the restaurant flips into a club filled with a very young and cool crowd.

5. Interni – Think Southern California vibe meets the Greek Isles. A blend of traditional Greek and

* Note about dinner: Do not show up to any restaurants on the island before 11 p.m.- you’ll be the only one in the restaurant.

Where to Party

Here’s my top 4 picks (in order of priority).

1. Super Paradise – One of the most famous beach party spots in the world. This is likely where Mykonos gets its bad boy party reputation. A great mix of young, old, famous, not so famous, gay and straight.

2. Astra – This is an exclusive, sexy lounge right in the center of Mykonos town. Sit outside, sip fantastic cocktails and people watch or go inside and dance on the mini-dance floor; don’t be surprised if you spot a celebrity or two.

3. Caprice – This tiny sea front bar is packed ALL the time. It’ll be a flash back to high school/college. You’ll know the words to every song. It’s a little silly, but it’s a lot of fun and filled with locals and tourists alike. Stop on your way in from the beach or on your way out to a club.

4. Cavo Paradiso – World famous DJ’s spinning while you watch the sun rise from the sea. Party kids, hip club goers and those that just want to see the sun rise with 1000 of their closest friends. Also check out this video we shot at Cavo this past summer. Via: Robert Murgatroyd –

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The 10 Best Island Vacations

January 20, 2009
Jetset to Bora Bora -

Jetset to Bora Bora -

Some of the most beautiful and unique vacation destinations around the world are islands. While everyone has their favorites, for those looking for an excellent island vacation, the following information can provide a starting point. Hopefully, you will find a destination that fits both your budget and your idea of a good time.

The Cayman Islands

For the person interested in scuba diving, the Cayman Islands are a wonderful choice. There are shipwrecks, corals and reefs to keep the diver entranced while underwater. The water is comfortably warm, and the visibility can often reach 100 feet or more. If diving is not your choice of activities, try out one of the many restaurants in the area. The Cayman Islands are unique in that they offer not only traditional island food, but a variety of top quality international food as well.  

The Greek Islands

The choices abound if you decide to make the trip to any of the over 6,000 islands off of the coast of Greece. Of course, not many of these islands have accommodations for those looking for an island vacation. Some of the larger and more populated islands of Greece are Crete, Euboea, Lesbos, Rhodes and a cluster known as the Ionian Islands. The waters off the islands of Greece are clear, making it a popular choice for diving vacations. If you are not interested in diving, you will find something to keep you entertained in the many restaurants of the area.


Hawaii, the big island, as well as the other islands that make up the state, is a beautiful vacation spot. Water sports, such as surfing, are a big part of the culture. For the person who confines their activities to land, choices are abundant as well, with golf a popular and readily available activity.

St.Barts, Caribbean

The white sand beaches make this island a gem. The contrast between the white sand beaches and the deep blue water looks like something out of a Technicolor movie. While the area doesn’t boast of any amusement parks or water slides, it is the home to many top notch restaurants.

French Polynesia

Bora Bora is one island here, but the entire area provides a wonderful option for a secluded, not touristy, choice in island vacations.

Fiji Islands

If you are looking for an island that has unspoiled natural charm, it is not likely that you will find one that matches the Fiji Islands. The beaches are lush with sugar fine sand, and the island is surrounded with a variety of coral reefs which make scuba diving a truly memorable experience. The Great Sea Reef is the fourth longest in the world. The island teems with lush vegetation.

British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands offer the traveler a variety of choices. The Virgin Islands boast coral reefs which make snorkeling and scuba diving an absolute pleasure, as well as beautiful, unspoiled beaches and plentiful accommodations. The weather and water are extremely conducive to sailing. Also, the inner island offers many wonderful hiking trails. Considering the amount of choices, there is bound to be an island in the British Virgin Islands that will suit your desires perfectly.


Located in the Lesser Antilles, Aruba is in the southern portion of the Caribbean Sea, off the coast of South America. While many of the islands in the Caribbean are covered in lush foliage, Aruba has a more arid climate. The weather here is warm and sunny for most of the year due to the dry climate and the island’s location outside of the hurricane belt. The island has an active night life with casinos as well as more traditional activities. Sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling and deep sea fishing are also fun island activities.


Jamaica is particularly well-known for its laid back culture, but there are other attractions too. The beauty of the island, combined with the great local cooking flavors, make Jamaica an island that must be included on any list of top islands. Located in the Greater Antilles, Jamaica, an English speaking island, has a distinctly African feel, such as with the popular jerk-seasoning Jamaican food is known for. In a sea of beautiful islands and vacation destinations, Jamaica’s wonderful culture sets it apart.

Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are a whimsical choice for island vacations. The Keys offer the United States traveler the ability to vacation on a gorgeous island, far enough south to be enjoyable during the winter months. The Keys are connected to the US by a series of bridges, and the drive itself is a treat.

Whether you choose one of the islands on this list, or another island, it is important to carefully research your destination to get the most from your island vacation. There are so many beautiful islands to visit, it can be hard to decide whether to visit a new island each vacation, or return to an old favorite. Via: Lisa Parker

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Luxury Island Holidays For Independent Travelers

December 15, 2008
Jetset the World - Make a Difference!

Jetset the World - Make a Difference!

Experienced, savvy travelers seek out the best travel destinations the world has to offer, scouting for the ultimate combination of luxury accommodations, fine dining opportunities, and impeccable service, while at the same time enjoying unique local scenic splendor and culture. Luxury island holidays provide the perfect recipe for vacation success because each developed island of the globe, no matter its size, offers a unique view of the world. Resort owners of island properties typically cater to a specific group of travelers and offer a wide range of activities from, for example, an eco-friendly perspective where the resort blends seamlessly into the landscape to a bold high-rise hotel bustling with nightlife, and everything in destinations in the world that appeal to upscale independent travelers: the islands of the South Pacific and the islands off the east coast of Africa. The Polynesian Islands of the South Pacific include exotic Tahiti, Bora Bora, and Morea, each boasting a host of fine resorts, many taking advantage of the pristine sand beaches and clear azure waters that are part of the South Pacific legend. Visitors to these exotic islands can select from a host of superior resorts that offer all the amenities imaginable on islands of every size. For the ultimate in privacy and tranquility, consider a resort that is located on a small private resorts. For a change of pace, consider a stay at an eco-friendly inland small hotel and be close to the myriad of flora and fauna that can be found nowhere else in the world. Eco-friendly five-star resorts that offer the best in accommodations, dining and service can be easily found in the travel for many an upscale globe-trotter. The warm islands of the world beckon and the hosts at these fine resorts are ready to fulfill the traveler’s every wish, including a private dinner on a secluded beach at sunset.

Two groups of islands are among the best luxury

Halfway around the world, the Seychelles Islands, an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, are also known for phenomenal beaches, crystal clear waters and idyllic scenery coupled with five-star beachfront

For travelers who enjoy a tropical environment, the islands off the coast of the tiny Central American country of Belize offer spectacular scenery in a warm climate and waters. The reefs off the coast of Belize provide one of the premier scuba diving venues in the world. And unlike the remote islands in the middle of the ocean, guests at eco-friendly resorts on some of the islands of Belize are only a short boat trip from the mainland tour adventures to the Mayan ruins, bird-watching and other activities.

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East of Belize, the Caribbean Islands are a group of volcanic islands that form the boundary between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The culture of the islands is a rich blend of African and European influences upon an indigenous population that dates back to the era of colonialism. Again, sun, surf and luxury resorts abound in the Caribbean and upscale visitors have numerous five-star resorts from which to choose. Golf enthusiasts particularly enjoy the fine selection of courses available on the islands and the islands are known for their many jazz festivals.

Warm waters, sandy beaches, sunshine and luxurious pampering at a five-star luxury resort represent the ultimate in

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Cheap Las Vegas Travel –

October 1, 2008

The worlds gambling capital has been the center for adult entertainment for more than half a century, and more recently Las Vegas has also become a centre of tourism and family orientated attractions. Las Vegas is known worldwide as a must see travel destination. There is no other place where you can have a drink and sample of different cuisine and play a slot machine or video poker game 24 hours a day. It also possesses an overload of bars, bed and breakfasts, clothing and gift shops that are also prime spots for cruising. In Las Vegas , it is impossible for you to get bored since in this city, something new is always coming up. That is why this city is special.

Meanwhile, the ultimate obstruction to most people to take their dream Vegas travel is the price. Even domestic trips are not affordable for the majority. And since traveling also includes hotels, foods, and entertainment and not only limited to plane tickets, the price would surely sum up. So more often than not, traveling remains a dream.

But if the price is only reason why you hinder yourself from traveling, then there is already a solution. offers relatively low travel cost compared to a regular travel agency. And in the effort to bring you closer to your Las Vegas travel, Destination Guides would help and guide while making important decisions regarding the trip. And when you make deals, you are assured the have a decent yet cheap trip to Las Vegas.

How to get cheap Las Vegas travel?
Looking for a cheap Las Vegas travel has never been so easy. Not too long ago, traveling to Las Vegas only means to contact your travel agent and have your trip arranged for you. When the agent is done then you are ready to go. But now, there is another option.

With the availability of the Internet, all you have to do is log on. The Internet is a rich source of travel sites that offer cheap travel to Vegas. Google your keywords and choose from several cheap travel Las Vegas travel company. When you have selected your site, you can get an instant quote. And if you want, you can already pay for the cost it suggests. Sign up and the next thing you know, you are in Las Vegas.

Also, for first time Las Vegas vacationers, it is always advised to book your trip ahead as much as possible. Ask for the cheapest rate and decide what you think is the best for you. Although online sites offer step-by-step procedure when you schedule your trip, it is always wise to have a planned vacation at the back of your mind.

What is good about cheap Las Vegas travel is that it gives you all the options of traveling like the regular Las Vegas travel. You can choose the schedule of your trip, your preferred itineraries, and price of your ticket. You can even get travel insurance with cheap Las Vegas travel. Now you don’t have to worry about the unforeseen expenses while enjoying the lights and sounds of the city.

Travel cheap to Las Vegas. Not only you will see the extravagance of the city but also you can experience the real Vegas- larger than life.

Cheap travel to Las Vegas – its’ easy, it’s fast, and it’s cheap

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Cheap Las Vegas Travel -

Cheap Las Vegas Travel -


September 8, 2008

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