Check Out Palms Place – Las Vegas!

January 28, 2009

Palms Place Hotel and Spa owner George Maloof believes that much of his new luxury high rise’s appeal actually boils down to three things: Location. Location. Location.

The non-gaming, multimillion-dollar property has easy access to the hip and diverse lifestyle of the Palms Resort and Casino while offering the exclusive atmosphere of a boutique hotel. Like the original celebrity-driven Palms tower and the playful Fantasy tower, the most recent addition to the Palms campus is set back from Flamingo Road and just a hop, skip and a jump from the Las Vegas Strip.

In other words, if one were to think of Las Vegas as a football field, Palms Place would be located on the 50 yard line. “Everything is in front of us – The Strip, the Spring Mountains,” Maloof said. “The views here are just spectacular.”

Along with 599 units ranging from studio and one-bedroom suites to penthouses, available for purchase or to rent, Palms Place features the lavish Drift Spa, which is home to the city’s first Hammam, a co-ed Turkish bath.

The property also includes the famed LA Sunset Tan, a full service salon by renowned color specialist Michael Boychuck, a fitness center complete with movement studio and a stunning lobby bar Rojo Lounge. Celebrity chef Kerry Simon’s Simon Restaurant and Lounge overlooks the pool at Palms Place through floor-to-ceiling windows and even offers poolside dining.

Since the hotel’s February 2008 opening, Palms Place has already attracted a slew of celebrity buyers. Blonde bombshell Jessica Simpson was the first to close on a suite, and like many of the other buyers – whose names have yet to be made public – she bought the unit sight unseen.

The 47-story glass Palms Place tower, encircled by LED sticks and a shimmering lighting system, was built by architect Jon Jerde, while the overall edgy and elegant look of the hotel comes from the Toronto-based design firm Yabu Pushelberg. The design incorporates high-tech gadgetry, hand-crafted pieces of artwork and fine materials like honed slate flooring, marble surfaces and wood accents. The ceiling in the Rojo Lounge even incorporates a strip of gold.

In designing Palms Place, Yabu Pushelberg partner Glenn Pushelberg aspired to create a look that reflects the hip, youthful aura of the Palms. “The Palms is about feeling sexy, but in a subtle way,” said Pushelberg. “It’s not all tits and ass everywhere – that the patrons can bring.”

All the rooms at Palms Place are fully furnished and boast incredible views of Las Vegas. The studios measure 600 square feet and include hardwood and marble flooring, 9-foot ceilings, two flat screen televisions, a fully stocked state-of-the-art kitchen, plenty of closet space, a balcony, king-sized bed and queen sleeper sofa.

At 1,200 square feet, the one-bedroom suites include all the luxuries of the studio, plus a fireplace, living room, guest bathroom and laundry closet with a stackable washer and dryer. Set against floor-to-ceiling windows, a custom-made jetted bathtub provides the perfect vantage point for all of Las Vegas.

Guests at Palms Place have access to 24-hour room service, covered valet parking and doorman service, a business center and all the traditional hotel amenities. The property has convenient access to all the offerings of the Palms Hotel and Casino – like the Moon Nightclub and Playboy Club, Pearl Concert Theater, Fantasy Suites, nightclubs, restaurants, movie theaters and 95,000-square-foot casino – via an elevated, enclosed moving walkway called the Skytube.

“We try to create things that people talk about that they are fascinated with, and develop and create its own identity” Maloof said. “We will always keep everything fresh and new. That’s what’s great about Las Vegas and the Palms, the brand is always able to stay fresh.”

— By Aleza Freeman

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A Swiss Twist on Overwater Bungalows

January 27, 2009
Hotel Palafitte - Switzerland

Hotel Palafitte - Switzerland

Where: Route des Gouttes d’Or 2, Neuchatel , Switzerland, 2000

We get a bit tingly when we see pictures of a hotel that look as gorgeous as this one. This over-lake wonder is the Hotel Palafitte near Neuchâtel in French-speaking Switzerland, in the north-west of the country.

What makes us even more tingly is when it sounds like our high expectations might actually be fulfilled. Nearly every guest review of this place is overloaded with glowing adjectives and phrases like “One of Europe’s best experiences” or “truly one of the most fantastic hotels”.

There are rooms–they call them “pavilions”–both on the shore and over the lake, but if you’re going all the way to Switzerland you’ve got to stay with the water lapping under you, right? That would put you back 695 Francs ($600) a night plus another 35Fr ($30) for breakfast.  Via: amandak – HotelChatter

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Montage Beverly Hills Is On Britney’s Radar

January 23, 2009

Britney Spears - Montage Beverly Hills

Britney Spears - Montage Beverly Hills

Where: 225 North Canon Drive [map], Beverly Hills, CA, United States, 90210

As Britney Spears gears up for her upcoming tour, which kicks off this March in New Orleans, the back-on-her-feet pop princess seems to be doing a bit less of the Frapuccino-guzzling, flipping-off-paps stuff and has been engaging in more… grown up, big-girl things.

She’s been laying low lately to get into fighting shape before she hits the road, and according to PopSugar, she took a bit of time to hit up the brand new Montage Beverly Hills with her mom. From PopSugar’s pics, it looks like she and her mom were in the hotel’s tea room (Also: If we swap our Frapuccinos for tea, will we get abs like Britney’s new ones?)

Perhaps the ladies were discussing what’s up next for Brit-Brit’s hairdo — maybe the two were getting ready to pay a little visit to Brit’s hairstylist, Kim Vo, who has a salon in the hotel. Via: HotelChatter Photo: HotelChatter

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The 10 Best Island Vacations

January 20, 2009
Jetset to Bora Bora -

Jetset to Bora Bora -

Some of the most beautiful and unique vacation destinations around the world are islands. While everyone has their favorites, for those looking for an excellent island vacation, the following information can provide a starting point. Hopefully, you will find a destination that fits both your budget and your idea of a good time.

The Cayman Islands

For the person interested in scuba diving, the Cayman Islands are a wonderful choice. There are shipwrecks, corals and reefs to keep the diver entranced while underwater. The water is comfortably warm, and the visibility can often reach 100 feet or more. If diving is not your choice of activities, try out one of the many restaurants in the area. The Cayman Islands are unique in that they offer not only traditional island food, but a variety of top quality international food as well.  

The Greek Islands

The choices abound if you decide to make the trip to any of the over 6,000 islands off of the coast of Greece. Of course, not many of these islands have accommodations for those looking for an island vacation. Some of the larger and more populated islands of Greece are Crete, Euboea, Lesbos, Rhodes and a cluster known as the Ionian Islands. The waters off the islands of Greece are clear, making it a popular choice for diving vacations. If you are not interested in diving, you will find something to keep you entertained in the many restaurants of the area.


Hawaii, the big island, as well as the other islands that make up the state, is a beautiful vacation spot. Water sports, such as surfing, are a big part of the culture. For the person who confines their activities to land, choices are abundant as well, with golf a popular and readily available activity.

St.Barts, Caribbean

The white sand beaches make this island a gem. The contrast between the white sand beaches and the deep blue water looks like something out of a Technicolor movie. While the area doesn’t boast of any amusement parks or water slides, it is the home to many top notch restaurants.

French Polynesia

Bora Bora is one island here, but the entire area provides a wonderful option for a secluded, not touristy, choice in island vacations.

Fiji Islands

If you are looking for an island that has unspoiled natural charm, it is not likely that you will find one that matches the Fiji Islands. The beaches are lush with sugar fine sand, and the island is surrounded with a variety of coral reefs which make scuba diving a truly memorable experience. The Great Sea Reef is the fourth longest in the world. The island teems with lush vegetation.

British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands offer the traveler a variety of choices. The Virgin Islands boast coral reefs which make snorkeling and scuba diving an absolute pleasure, as well as beautiful, unspoiled beaches and plentiful accommodations. The weather and water are extremely conducive to sailing. Also, the inner island offers many wonderful hiking trails. Considering the amount of choices, there is bound to be an island in the British Virgin Islands that will suit your desires perfectly.


Located in the Lesser Antilles, Aruba is in the southern portion of the Caribbean Sea, off the coast of South America. While many of the islands in the Caribbean are covered in lush foliage, Aruba has a more arid climate. The weather here is warm and sunny for most of the year due to the dry climate and the island’s location outside of the hurricane belt. The island has an active night life with casinos as well as more traditional activities. Sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling and deep sea fishing are also fun island activities.


Jamaica is particularly well-known for its laid back culture, but there are other attractions too. The beauty of the island, combined with the great local cooking flavors, make Jamaica an island that must be included on any list of top islands. Located in the Greater Antilles, Jamaica, an English speaking island, has a distinctly African feel, such as with the popular jerk-seasoning Jamaican food is known for. In a sea of beautiful islands and vacation destinations, Jamaica’s wonderful culture sets it apart.

Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are a whimsical choice for island vacations. The Keys offer the United States traveler the ability to vacation on a gorgeous island, far enough south to be enjoyable during the winter months. The Keys are connected to the US by a series of bridges, and the drive itself is a treat.

Whether you choose one of the islands on this list, or another island, it is important to carefully research your destination to get the most from your island vacation. There are so many beautiful islands to visit, it can be hard to decide whether to visit a new island each vacation, or return to an old favorite. Via: Lisa Parker

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The World’s First Armani Hotel – Dubai

January 16, 2009

Jetset to Dubai -

Jetset to Dubai -

When and Where Will the World Gets Its First Armani Hotel?

Where: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

It’s been more than three years since Giorgio Armani announced his plans to open ten eponymous hotels and resorts, and yet the first one in Dubai hasn’t even secured an opening date. That’s what they get for starting with the world’s tallest structure, the notorious Burj Dubai, whose final height won’t even be released until the tower reaches completion in September of this year (it’s around 2,050 feet now).

Future Armani Hotel guests need not worry about vertigo, however, as the 160-room hotel will be situated in the first 37 stories, along with the Armani residences. Expected to open sometime in this first quarter of 2009, it will precede the other Armani Hotel under construction in Milan, to then be followed by London, New York, and the first resort in the collection.

Since just looking at pictures of the Burj give us the heebie-jeebies, especially this one and this one, we’re happy to report that the place will not be blinged-out like an evil headquarters. Instead, as Armani’s first residential endeavor, his furnishings line Armani Casa will outfit the hotel rooms and apartments in his trademark understated, refined luxury; there will be no Swarovski crystal-embedded faucets here. Giorgio explains his vision:

I want to share more than the expressions of personal spirit, taste and identity. Armani Hotels & Resorts will bring to life my dream of creating a complete lifestyle. I cannot think of a more energising prospect than the opportunity to bring my philosophy of style and design to a collection of resorts, hotels and residences.


The key word there is “taste.” In Dubai and even Milan, guests have plenty options for outrageous hotels, but Armani wants to attract based on aesthetic rather than logo. Once your curiosity about the tower draws you in, he’s hoping the unexpected comfort will keep you there and in his other hotels to come around the world.  Via: JetSetCD – Hotel Chatter

[Photo: The Red Pill]

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Celebs Booze It Up at the Beverly Hilton

January 13, 2009
Circa 55 - Beverly Hilton

Circa 55 - Beverly Hilton

To say the parties surrounding last night’s Golden Globes were “back and better than ever” after last year’s writer’s strike would be a bit of an overstatement, but the parties were, in fact, back — recession be damned — and they proved to be exciting and noteworthy despite the potential for Drew Barrymore’s questionable hairstyle decisions to overshadow all the festive fun.

The Associated Press reports that post-ceremony shindigs at the Beverly Hilton were still going down despite the weirdness surrounding the one-year hiatus and the state of the economy, but this year the parties were “fewer than before and not quite so extravagant.”

The AP says:

Unlike previous years, The Weinstein Co., E! and Paramount Pictures did not host after-parties at the hotel. Showtime held an offsite party at the nearby Peninsula Hotel, and Fox Searchlight hosted a party at the restaurant Craft.

NBC Universal’s annual party on the Hilton’s rooftop was a mostly industry affair, with guests dancing to a DJ spinning tunes by Prince and Britney Spears. Vases of white roses and lilies, and silver containers full of white feathers, decorated the area. Massive black chandeliers hung from the ceiling.

The reporter who was covering the parties busted into the “intimate” party for AMC’s Mad Men and interviewed a whiskey-loving Jon Hamm, who “seemed a little unsteady on his feet.” At that minimally-decorated bash, guests ate mashed potatoes out of martini glasses, grooved to retro music and kept the booze flowing freely.

The hotel’s Circa 55 restaurant was, apparently, the most happenin’ of all hotspots: the HBO party was hosted there (as is tradition). Eva Mendes, Drew Barrymore, Lauren Hutton, Paul Giamatti, Laura Linney and Anna Paquin made appearances at the bash, and we feel it is important to note that the poor Mercury-poisoned Jeremy Piven was snacking on chocolates and wasn’t washing them down with booze. He passed on champagne and wine to drink water instead. Via: Jenna – Hotel Chatter

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New Orleans – the Top 5 Reasons to Visit

January 11, 2009
New Orleans Bourbon Street -

New Orleans Bourbon Street -

The Crescent City is resplendent with beautiful music, savory cuisine and a nightlife that will leave your head ringing and your heart wanting more.  Planning a trip down to the Big Easy?  Make sure you have a few extra notches in your belt, a shiny pair of dancing shoes and a desire to have the time of your life.  My top 5 list will give you a heads up on the best reasons to book a trip and enjoy the unique culture and ambiance of  New Orleans.

1.  The French Quarter
As they say, you can’t have diamonds without pressure.  The French Quarter is just that, a cultural diamond resulting from the collision between the original French and Spanish settlers of the Big Easy.  Contained between the Mississippi River, Rampart Street, Esplanade Avenue and Canal Street, the French Quarter packs in over 300 restaurants, numberless bars, sensational music and a nightlife second to none in the United States.  While visiting make sure to experience Jackson Square.  After your stroll, tip back a few drinks at Lafitte’s Blacksmith Bar, the oldest continually occupied bar in the United States, once owned by the famous pirate Jean Lafitte.  

2.  Spending a night in the French Quarter
After a long night of revelry, you’ll be ready to relax and enjoy one of the many hotels available in the French Quarter.  If you are in the mood for an upscale location stewed in the ambiance and atmosphere unique to the French Quarter, the Soniat House ( is a fantastic choice.  A series of townhouses dating back to the early eighteen hundreds, each room is painstakingly decorated in rare vintage antiques.  The courtyards and fountains surrounding this wonderful hotel will wash away your stress and let you soak in the spirit of New Orleans.  While the Soniat House is a bit expensive the experience is worth the trouble.  If you are looking for a good deal, but still want to be in the thick of the French Quarter there is still hope.  Many New Orleans Hotels offer mini-vacation packages at highly discounted rates (  Generally these deals are designed to show you the timeshare offerings of the resort and they can give you access to some pretty nice amenities for the days that you just want to relax.

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3.  Julia Row
Called the “SoHo of the South,” this section of vintage townhouses on the 600 block of Julia Street is home to New Orleans best art galleries.  The Contemporary Art Center ( is the main attraction showcasing the areas art revival.  The giant building houses massive galleries that will put a smile on the face of any contemporary art lover.  With a $5 admission, the Contemporary Art Center is a must-see attraction in the Big Easy.

4.  The Sound of Music
When it comes to New Orleans, music is the main attraction.  A stroll through the French Quarter will carry you away with the sounds of Zydeco, Jazz and Blues.  The annual Jazz and Blues festival in late April offers a musical experience unequal in the United States.  Showcasing some of the finest names in the Blues business this festival is a sight to see. If you don’t mind standing, Preservation Hall in the French Quarter is the ultimate venue to take in the traditional jazz famous in the Big Easy.

5.  The Food
Food in New Orleans is like a precious treasure hidden in plain sight.  From Creole to straight French food, your taste buds will be overwhelmed with the spices and flavor that draw massive crowds every day into the heart of the city. Antoine’s, serving French-Creole cuisine since the 1840’s, is near the top of the list.  For a more casual night be sure to visit Bacco and treat yourself to the region’s richest blend of fine cuisine and a romantic atmosphere.


Whatever your appetite may be, the Crescent City offers a wide variety of activities and culture splendor to treat you to a once in a lifetime travel experience.  If you ever make it home after your trip, the unique Creole charm is guaranteed to pull you back to Big Easy for another adventure in the future. Via: Byron Mackelroy

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