Singapore Hotels and Tourism

November 25, 2008

Singapore Hotels -

Singapore Hotels -

Singapore, an island country, is located at the southern tip of Malay Peninsula. It is one of the most sophisticated and modernized country which will give you the best memories of your life. Actually, Singapore is considered one of the worlds most prosperous countries.

When you will put your first step in Singapore, you will feel an air of modernization. There are some of the most amazing buildings and skyscrapers that will surely compel you to say few words in appreciation. Along with some attractive and astounding buildings and architectures, you will love the overall atmosphere in there. It has a tropical climate which makes it the best place for holiday makers. Also, when you talk about tropical climate, its essential to talk about the tasty food. You will become able to taste the most delicious dishes that you will never find anyplace else.

The amazing Singapore:

There is no doubt in the fact that Singapore is a small country. But, you will really be amazed to find out that there are more than four million people living in this small country. Its truly amazing. However, its not the only thing which is amazing about Singapore as there are many others as well. Everything like Jumbo arts scenes, parks, beaches and other attractions are nothing short of excellence. Language of Singapore is amazing as well. Generally, its English that people use in offices, but, there is another language which is an amalgamation of English and Singaporean dialects. This language is known as Singlish. Amazing, isn’t it

Touring Singapore:

There are lots of people who visit Singapore for different reasons. Singapore is teeming with bright opportunities for business persons. So, you can see lots of people coming to Singapore to get in touch with local business owners. However, Singapore is one of the best places in the world to make merry. There are clubs and casinos which contribute to its nightlife in a great way.

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Surely, there are lots of attractions, but, you must be thinking about accommodation. That’s what most people do think before coming to Singapore for the first time. Actually, Singapore is one of the most densely populated countries of the world, so, it is obvious to feel insecure about the availability of accommodation. However, Singapore Hotels will really make your vacations even enjoyable by presenting some stylish rooms with all amenities.

The best thing about Singapore hotels is not the availability of these hotels, but, it’s the availability of hotels that you want. Singapore cheap hotels can be found with the same ease with which Singapore luxury hotels can be found. However, it is pertinent to mention that Singapore surely is expensive as compared to some other South-East Asian countries. It means that Singapore cheap hotels will also cost you something from $50 to $100. However, Fragrance hotel and Hotel 81 are the places where you will be able to stay by paying least amount of money. For Singapore luxury hotels, there is no limit as you will get more luxuries if you will be willing to spend more money.

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Holidays to Goa –

November 23, 2008

Park Hyatt in Goa, India -

Park Hyatt in Goa, India -


Distinct from the rest of the subcontinent, the culture of Goa is amazingly unique. Why not take a trip to one of the many festivals or religious parades – and don’t worry about missing them, there are almost more holidays here than workdays! Perhaps the most typically Goan festival is the Shigmo, an age-old gathering, where a troupe of dancers perform to the Naman, or holy songs, which are said to bring forth benign spirits which take over the bodies of the players. Or the three-day long Carnival, world famous for its variety of delights, from lavish banquets and street plays to the election of the King of Chaos! Goa’s festivals reflect its wide diversity of religions – whether Roman Catholic, Buddhist or Hindu, something is always being celebrated here!

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Talking of time, the annual monsoon season lasts from June through late September, and this is when Goa receives just about all of its annual rainfall, so a constant temperature of 25 to 29°C, no less) mixes with humidity and sultry breezes. Best to pack your sandals and light clothes, as the temperature is high from September until December. The cool season lasts from December until February. Well, that’s if you call night-time temperatures of 20°C cool! The temperature then reaches its zenith of around 35°C in May, just before the rains break. Apart from that, the odd rainy day is just that – odd – so a light cagoule might be in order.

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Super Bowl 2009 Countdown – Tampa, Fl.

November 18, 2008

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Fans heading to Sky Harbor International Airport Monday to return home after the Super Bowl saw a billboard proclaiming “See You in Tampa Bay.”

At the same time, the National Football League is publicizing the logo for Super Bowl XLIII, which will mark the fourth Super Bowl held in Tampa.

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Next year’s game will be played on Feb. 1 and will be broadcast by NBC Sports for the first time in 11 years.

The Super Bowl XLIII game logo was created to reflect the natural elements of Tampa Bay, including the blue and green hues of regional waterways and landscapes. This represents the first time this color green has been used in an official game logo.

“The unveiling of the Super Bowl XLIII game logo puts Tampa Bay officially on the clock,” said Tampa Bay Super Bowl Host Committee Chair R.A. “Dick” Beard, in a release. “Our preparations are already well under way, and we’ll be ready to host the NFL and the world in 2009.”

Article Provided by: Tampa Bay Business Journal

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Jetset in Style in Jakarta –

November 16, 2008

Ritz Carlton Jakarta -

Ritz Carlton Jakarta -

Jakarta is one of the famous tourist destinations of Indonesia. Globetrotters from various parts of the world come to Jakarta to spend their dream vacation and their number is escalating day by day. To offer quality accommodation to both the leisure & business travelers, large number of Jakarta hotels has come up. Step into any of the Jakarta hotels to experience top class amenities and services along with warm Indonesian hospitality.

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There are various categories of Jakarta hotels. According to your needs and preferences you can opt from luxury hotels, mid-range hotels and even budget hotels. Most of the Jakarta hotels offer quick and easy access to the business, shopping and tourist spots of the city. There are various hotels of the city which are located close to tourist places like Ancol Dream Park, Monas, Museum ABRI and Gedung Proklamasi.

If you want to experience luxurious living in Jakarta then you are welcome to stay in the luxury hotels. Aston Sudirman hotel is a five-star hotel of the city with a provision of 272 suites as well as service apartments to choose from. Located near commercial and entertainment hubs of Jakarta, this hotel offers world class dining, business and recreational facilities as well.

For the budget travelers Jakarta has several mid-range and budget hotels. In Central Jakarta most of the mid-range hotels and low-priced hostels are located in Jaksa Street and Kebon Sirih Street. Some of the budget and mid-range hotels of Jakarta are Emeralda Hotel, Mercure Rekso, Peninsula Tower, Boutique Hotel, Sanno Hotel and Pondok Putri Duyung. Like other economy hotels in Indonesia these city hotels are designed to make you feel comfortable.

Some of the other noted luxury hotels in Jakarta are The Ritz Carlton, Grand Hyatt Jakarta, InterContinental Jakarta MidPlaza, The Dharmawangsa and Four Seasons Hotel. These hotels have swimming pool, fitness center and fully equipped business center for its guests.

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A Fashionista’s Fantasy: Moschino Hotel Unveils Plans for Fairy Tale Rooms

November 14, 2008

Milan Hotels -

Milan Hotels -

Milan, Italy – Milan Hotels

It was back in the first days of 2007 when we caught wind of plans for the Moschino Hotel — the latest in the fashion hotels trend — and we hear from Women’s Wear Daily today that the hotel is slated to open up in Milan next year.

The property is taking shape in a former railway station near the trendy Corso Como area. In charge of the design and concept (officially, a “fairy tale theme”) is Moschino creative director Rossella Jardini.

Per WWD:

Jardini said that, in the hotel, “the ordinary world is painted with a brush of surrealism.”

Covering four floors, the hotel will comprise 54 rooms and 15 suites, each one different from the other. Other features include a bar, restaurant, garden, spa and gym.

Not gonna lie: if the mockup rooms (to be unveiled at a tourism expo this weekend in Rimini) come close to that rendering, we’re going to be blown away. Pretty kickass, dontchya think?

Two questions, though. How does one clean a bedspread like that? Also, we know it’s supposed to be a rose and all, but doesn’t that chair a lil’ bit like, er, a ladyflower?

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Kim Kardashian Hits Up InterContinental’s “Make-A-Wish Nightclub”

November 12, 2008
Kim Kardashian - InterContinental Miami

Kim Kardashian - InterContinental Miami

On Saturday night in Miami, famous-for-no-reason starlet Kim Kardashian hit up a “nightclub” for reasons that may have actually been noble — and it appears she wore a tasteful outfit, too.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation threw its 14th Annual InterContinental Make-A-Wish Ball at the InterContinental Miami, a nightclub-themed evening hosted by Miami nightlife kings Michael Capponi and Shareef Malnik.

According to the invitation we got, Adrian Grenier was supposed to be there too, but we haven’t caught any photos of him yet — but then again, he probably doesn’t take time out of his evening to strut around to different areas of the hotel to ham it up for the cameras like some people. Kim, unsurprisingly, got herself a nice little hand massage in the hotels MySpa and then headed up to the Royal Suite for another photo shoot before she made her grand arrival at the ball.

According to Gossip Girls, Kimmy K played “emcee for a live auction, which came amidst a mystical-themed dinner [and] a musical performance by The Honey Brothers.”

We’re happy to see her doing something for a good cause, but we seriously hope she didn’t ask to be paid for this appearance. And, more importantly, was dreamboat Adrian Grenier there?

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Caribbean Casinos – Gambling in the Caribbean

November 11, 2008
Atlantis Bahamas -

Atlantis Bahamas -

Gamers are often drawn to The Bahamas which is popular for great casinos and gambling action. Although gambling is illegal for residents of The Bahamas, tourists can try their luck at any of the region’s spectacular casinos. The four largest casinos in The Bahamas are the Atlantis Casino on Paradise Island, the Crystal Palace Casino on New Providence Island, and The Crowne Plaza Golf Resort & Royal Oasis Casino.

The world-famous Atlantis Casino is the largest casino located in the Caribbean. The Atlantis’ expansive 30,000-square-foot area, which includes

78 table games and approximately 1,000 slot machines, has helped earned the Atlantis Casino its reputation as an immaculate gambling palace. The Atlantis also features several restaurants, outdoor terraces, and gaming lessons for the novice gambler.

The Crystal Palace Casino is another sizzling casino found in The Bahamas.

Located on the premises of the Wyndham Nassau Resort on Cable Beach, the Crystal Palace Casino has about 700 slot machines and 38 tables for games such as blackjack, craps, roulette, and baccarat. The Crowne Plaza Golf Resort & Royal Oasis Casino is a luxurious and exciting casino located within a plush hotel that has great choices of various games, slots, and other gambling opportunities. Finally, the newest casino in the Bahamas is Our Lucaya Resort, which offers several gambling options.

Casinos in Puerto Rico –

The gorgeous island of Puerto Rico is home to about a dozen old-world-style casinos. By Puerto Rican law, all casinos have to be located on the property of hotels or resorts. Many of these glamorous gambling establishments are located in the historic city of San Juan, and most require that their patrons dress formally. Casinos in Puerto Rico are some of the most exciting in the Caribbean region because of their extravagant historical decor, hot gaming, as well as their award-winning restaurants, live entertainment, array of bars and lounges, and much more.

Some popular casinos on the island include the Ritz Carlton San Juan, which is the first Ritz Carlton casino, the world famous El San Juan Hotel and Casino with its elaborate old world carved ceilings and chandeliers, and many, many more. During your stay in Puerto Rico, you can enjoy fine dining, exciting nightlife, and spectacular gambling fun all under one roof.

Other islands in the Caribbean that feature dazzling casinos and exciting gambling are the Dominican Republic, Aruba, Curacao, St. Maarten, St. Vincent and St. Croix in the Virgin Islands, and Antigua. There are so many choices when it comes to gambling in the Caribbean that you’re sure to find the right island with the perfect casino to fit your style and your ideal vacation.

Before heading to the slot machines, there are a few things casino patrons should remember. First, each island has its own laws and rules when it comes to gambling, so be sure to find out the details about the island you visit.

Second, the hours that some casinos are open may vary depending on the season, so find out ahead of time before making your plans. And finally, no one under the age of 18 is allowed in Caribbean casinos, so schedule other activities for the youngsters before you hit the casinos.

Caribbean Stud Poker

Compared to many other popular casino card games, Caribbean stud poker has a pretty short history. This poker variation started in Aruba in the 1980s, reportedly by some cruise ship directors who were out to make a buck.

Caribbean stud poker is a combination of blackjack and poker. The rules of play are similar between the two games. The biggest difference between Caribbean stud poker and traditional poker is that instead of playing against other players, you go against the dealer. All players are allowed to see one of the dealer’s cards, which is dealt face up. Since it began in Aruba, the popularity of Caribbean stud poker has grown tremendously in the region and is even played in Las Vegas.

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