Welcome to the Ibiza Rocks Hotel

April 24, 2009

The Ibiza Rock Hotel - For Music Lovers!

The Ibiza Rock Hotel - For Music Lovers!

The Ibiza Rocks Hotel sits right in the heart of San Antonio, just 300m from the beach and sunset bar with hotel facilities including 2 outdoor pools, 4 bars including the Electric and Back Stage bars, Ibiza Rocks Shop selling an amazing range of Ibiza Rocks merchandise and an on site supermarket, you’ll never need to leave if you don’t want to

All that and there is – of course – the Ibiza Rocks stage, trod by some of the best live bands in this or any other country.

New for 2009 are our pool and stage view rooms – book one of these babies for you and your friends and you can enjoy the Tuesday night live shows from the comfort and privacy of your very own balcony. Gig tickets are included with all of these premium rooms. It’s the only way to spell VIP!

Free wi-fi is available in the lobby of the hotel and the fine people at Xbox also providing a fully-stocked gaming room, in-room Xbox hire and Xbox kiosks in the lobby. Via: Ibiza Rocks Hotel

[Photo: Ibiza Rocks Hotel]

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The Perfect Clubbing Holidays in Ibiza

February 21, 2009
Jetset to Ibiza - SocialiteTravel.com

Jetset to Ibiza - SocialiteTravel.com

If you think that Miami is the top party destination of the world, better think again. You probably haven’t heard of Ibiza. There are already plenty of songs about this particular island, where the theme is not just partying but having a great time. That is why there are many people around the globe who will save their hard-earned money just to have a clubbing holiday here in Ibiza.

Before booking a flight, see to it that you go to Ibiza during its clubbing season, which lasts from the month of May until the month of October. However, the clubbing season here in Ibiza is at its peak during June to September. If you want to avoid the sudden increase in prices at the clubs, do not travel to Ibiza during August. The island is too crowded, since many love to experience the best of the clubbing season. During this time, it is not just the clubs that are filled with people waiting to have a great time. Even the beaches here in Ibiza are also packed with crowds. It is usually hard to find the perfect spot – or even just a small space where you can sit down and relax.

Music and dance lovers could definitely live with the lifestyle that Ibiza has to offer. But to have the best clubbing holiday here in Ibiza, you should go to the most popular clubs in the island where most young people can be seen every night during the whole clubbing season. This includes the Pacha, El Divino, Amnesia, Eden, Heaven, and Love. More often than not, these are also the clubs that are considered to be the most expensive clubs in Ibiza. Many celebrities from different parts of the globe are also seen here in these clubs. However, there are also other places that you will surely enjoy, since there are more than a hundred clubs in Ibiza to choose from.

On the other hand, if you are here to party hard with the stags, there are also several strip clubs  that you can visit at any time of the night. Some of the strip clubs that are popular here in Ibiza include Beverly Ibiza, Blue Rose, Pure Platinum, and Glamour Ibiza. Without a doubt, guys will have a very great time – especially if they catch a glimpse of the gorgeous girls in these strip clubs.

Bar-hopping is one of the most popular activities here in Ibiza. And it would be really difficult, as well as expensive, if you pay for a taxi or hire car so that you may go from one place to another to get the best clubbing experience on the island. That is why there are several ‘disco buses’ that you must watch out for.

It would really benefit you if you book and buy club tickets online before arriving here in Ibiza. This is to make sure that you have a spot at the club of your choice, so the trip will be worth it. There are numerous online agents that will guarantee you the club tickets that you want. Via: Ivor Trumpet

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