Upcycled War Planes – The Luxury Plane Hotel Suite is Someplace I Want to Stay In

January 27, 2010

Located at Teuge airport, this luxe lodge transforms a former 120 seat, Cold War era plane into an amazingly beautiful and luxurious pad. The luxury plane hotel suite includes an infrared sauna, a jacuzzi, and three flat screens.

I was in the Netherlands once, and I got so FUBAR, I can’t even explain. But let’s say I am a classy individual who wanted to explore the finer things of that country that did not include the word ‘chronic,’ I would stay in this luxury plane hotel suite.  Via: Robyn Currie – HotHotelReviews

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Monolithic Stacked Structures – The Axis Viana Hotel in Viana Do Castelo, Portugal

December 16, 2009

The Axis Viana Hotel in Viana do Castelo, Portugal, was conceived by architectural firm VHM. It functions as a business and spa hotel and it’s overlapping, stacked sections make it an extremely impressive structure.

Two lower concrete levels bolster the uneven steel structure sitting on top to make up the 4-star Axis Viana Hotel. The modern black building is quite the imposing sight and the interior offers breathtaking views of the surrounding area.

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Glowing Jelly Hotels -The Abu Dhabi Yas Hotel is the World’s Largest LED Structure

December 9, 2009

The Abu Dhabi Yas Hotel is one of the city’s most elaborate and magnificently designed luxury hotels, but now it will boast another title—it is the world’s largest LED structure.

Designed by Asymptote Architecture, the Abu Dhabi Yas Hotel features LED lighting designed by Arup, which wraps around the building like a dazzling neon shell due to its more than 5,300 sparkling diamond-shaped LED panels. According to Inhabitat, the curvilinear structure of lights can also change color as well as display low-resolution 3D videos.

References:  asymptote.netinhabitat 

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Encapsulated Luxury – The 9h Capsule Hotel by Fumie Shibata in Kyoto, Japan

November 25, 2009

Japan’s capsule hotels are often a strange concept to foreigners, but the idea is an ingenious way to handle city crowding and space constraints. The first capsule hotel in Japan was built in 1979 in Osaka. The new 9h Capsule Hotel will open in December 2009 in the Japanese city of Kyoto.

Capsule hotels provide guests a private sleeping area and communal amenities. While the concept has previously been utilized as a cheaper hotel option, the 9h capsule hotel adds luxury and refinement. The bed capsule will be made up with 4-star hotel linens and provides a Panasonic system that uses light to naturally and comfortably wake you up. Fumie Shibata of Design Studio S is the mastermind behind the 9h capsule hotel.

‘A comfortable place to rest … 1 hour shower, sleep for 7 hours, have a one hour break / total 9h.’ Guests can spend up to 17 hours in a single stay – the price for one night is ¥4900 ($54,-). (dsgnwrld) Via: Jessica Marcel

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In-Room iPods – The Upper House Ditches Paper Directories

October 23, 2009

Dog-eared hotel guides and room service menus covered with coffee stains and ripped out pages are a thing of the past at The Upper House, Hong Kong’s newest boutique luxury hotel. Guests open the drawer of their spacious, six-foot wooden desks to find nothing but an iPod Touch instead.

The wireless device has been completely customized by The Upper House. A quick finger-tap and you’re neck deep in all the hotel’s secrets; from the hours of the stylish Sky Lounge to the availability of complimentary mountain bikes.

It gets better—The Upper House application is interactive, encouraging guests to finger-flip through a menu and then order room service. A quick phone call from the kitchen confirms your order, just in case.

Finally, the addition of typical iPod apps like weather and stock information make this innovative gadget a must-have for any traveler in a foreign city. In-room iPods are the way of the future: efficient, eco-friendly and stylish.

This post was created on a Samsung Netbook as a part of a sponsored campaign with Samsung.  Via: Jacob Courtade – HotHotelReviews

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Chilean Luxury Hoteliering – W Hotel’s First South American Accomodations in Santiago

October 1, 2009

W Hotels will officially open their first property in South America (the W Hotel Santiago) on November 17, 2009.

The W Hotel Santiago is a modern take on the varied Chilean landscape by New York designer Tony Chi and Chilean designer Sergio Echeverria. Chilean exports such as copper, wine, and fruits and vegetables are incorporated into the design of the W Hotel Santiago to create an authentic sensory experience.

Inside W Hotel Santiago you’ll find Gerber Group hotspots Whiskey Blue and rooftop bar Red2 One as well as restaurants such as the Asian-inspired Osaka and modern French dining at NoSo and Terraza. The W Hotel Santiago also offers an intimate Tea Library, modern wine bar and WET, a heated rooftop pool on the 21st floor.  Via: Marissa Liu – HotHotelReviews

References: starwoodhotels, designscene.net

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Luxury Island Holidays For Independent Travelers

December 15, 2008
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Jetset the World - Make a Difference!

Experienced, savvy travelers seek out the best travel destinations the world has to offer, scouting for the ultimate combination of luxury accommodations, fine dining opportunities, and impeccable service, while at the same time enjoying unique local scenic splendor and culture. Luxury island holidays provide the perfect recipe for vacation success because each developed island of the globe, no matter its size, offers a unique view of the world. Resort owners of island properties typically cater to a specific group of travelers and offer a wide range of activities from, for example, an eco-friendly perspective where the resort blends seamlessly into the landscape to a bold high-rise hotel bustling with nightlife, and everything in between.travel destinations in the world that appeal to upscale independent travelers: the islands of the South Pacific and the islands off the east coast of Africa. The Polynesian Islands of the South Pacific include exotic Tahiti, Bora Bora, and Morea, each boasting a host of fine resorts, many taking advantage of the pristine sand beaches and clear azure waters that are part of the South Pacific legend. Visitors to these exotic islands can select from a host of superior resorts that offer all the amenities imaginable on islands of every size. For the ultimate in privacy and tranquility, consider a resort that is located on a small private island.luxury resorts. For a change of pace, consider a stay at an eco-friendly inland small hotel and be close to the myriad of flora and fauna that can be found nowhere else in the world. Eco-friendly five-star resorts that offer the best in accommodations, dining and service can be easily found in the Seychelles.luxury travel for many an upscale globe-trotter. The warm islands of the world beckon and the hosts at these fine resorts are ready to fulfill the traveler’s every wish, including a private dinner on a secluded beach at sunset.

Two groups of islands are among the best luxury

Halfway around the world, the Seychelles Islands, an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, are also known for phenomenal beaches, crystal clear waters and idyllic scenery coupled with five-star beachfront

For travelers who enjoy a tropical environment, the islands off the coast of the tiny Central American country of Belize offer spectacular scenery in a warm climate and waters. The reefs off the coast of Belize provide one of the premier scuba diving venues in the world. And unlike the remote islands in the middle of the ocean, guests at eco-friendly resorts on some of the islands of Belize are only a short boat trip from the mainland tour adventures to the Mayan ruins, bird-watching and other activities.

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East of Belize, the Caribbean Islands are a group of volcanic islands that form the boundary between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The culture of the islands is a rich blend of African and European influences upon an indigenous population that dates back to the era of colonialism. Again, sun, surf and luxury resorts abound in the Caribbean and upscale visitors have numerous five-star resorts from which to choose. Golf enthusiasts particularly enjoy the fine selection of courses available on the islands and the islands are known for their many jazz festivals.

Warm waters, sandy beaches, sunshine and luxurious pampering at a five-star luxury resort represent the ultimate in

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