Jessica Simpson’s New Travel Beauty Show Thing

Jessica Simpson of newlywed fame and many subsequent sad tabloid covers is making a comeback of sorts, again in the reality television genre — this time as a traveling reporter on all things beauty. With Jessica as host, she’ll travel around discussing beauty regimes of women in other countries and how the concept of beauty ranges from country to country, woman to woman. The series beings sometime in 2010, but she’s already jetting around and filming spots for the show.

She’s having a little bit of a hard time adjusting to some of the travel sans her usual five-star accommodations. A few weeks back she tweeted “WTF?!? Do I really have to sleep like this?” and posted a photo of her mosquito net-draped bed while filming in Uganda. However, she seemed to get into the swing of things quickly, posting the next day: “LOVED my first day in Uganda meeting incredible women filled with spirit.” A big part of the show will be following JSimp as she tries out foreign beauty treatments. She’s already been to a fattening hut (in Uganda), and a geisha house in Japan. Next up—Morocco. The Price of Beauty, will eventually air on VH1, but you can live vicariously through her tweets, here.  By: Bryce Longton – BlackBook – For Jet Setters, By Jet Setters!

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