Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Introduces El Mayordomo

Concierge service is rewarding, but common; let’s face it, Best Western has concierges. Butler service, on the other hand — the round-the-clock ask-and-it’s-done white-glove kind, that’s still something special. The Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Holistic Retreat & Spa in Los Cabos, Baja California has just added butlers to its list of amenities, and they’re free… well, whenever you book an ocean view suite.

Your attendant clocks in the moment you arrive and tends to the minutiae of any resort stay like dinner reservations, spa appointment, and dry cleaning. Yet the role of steward entails more than that: he will unpack your luggage, run your bubble bath, coordinate in-suite dining, plan an entire day trip and make sure your bed is turned down and your shoes are shined when you return. If there are enough of you for a cocktail party, he can arrange that as well. And anything else in between, so we’re told.

Although Pueblo Bonito says “no request is too large or too small,” there is one thing you can’t ask your butler to do: take care of your children — the Los Cabos property has been designed exclusively for adults. With your own butler, though, it will give you chance to be kids. Arthur would be proud…

by Jonathon Ramsey – Luxist

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One Response to Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Introduces El Mayordomo

  1. Thanks for featuring our new butler service! We are so glad to be offering this great perk to our guests!

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